Customers larger in stature love the Outback Zuma. Come test it out at The Knee Scooter Store in Salt Lake City, Utah. This heavy-duty model of knee walker scooter is the ideal all-terrain model for rent. The Zuma is the premier scooter, great for football players recovering from an injury or larger adults concerned about their comfort.

Enormous Tires

These tires are massive. If you know you’ll be riding over the rough, uneven, or slick-snow-laden ground, which is common-place here in Utah, the Zuma Outback is perfect. These fantastic tires are polyurethane-filled rather than the pump-up pneumatic tires found on most of the other outdoor scooters like the Blue All-Terrain.  You will never get a flat with the Zuma Outback.

The Zuma Outback has an incredibly comfortable seat, with a space for a front-facing boot pump.

Circumstances Perfect for the Zuma

  • You live on a dirt road.
  • You’ll be riding in your yard.
  • You have a job that takes you outdoors.
  • You have a large body-type, and you’re concerned about falling.

If you have any of these circumstances, consider renting the Zuma Outback.

Space for Storage

The ultimate all-terrain knee scooter, for rent in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Outback Zuma is the largest knee scooter on the market. As a consequence, it needs more storage space. If you drive an SUV or truck, you’ll probably have enough space to store this for transport.

Amazing Stability

The Zuma doesn’t have a tie rod, which may be surprising considering the high-performance nature of this all-terrain scooter. But you’ll find that the wheels are so massive, the designers thought tie rods unnecessary, and they were probably right.

The Zuma Outback is the most stable, heavy-duty all-terrain knee walker scooter available. It also has double wheels in the rear, adding more stability, and prevents your foot from hitting a moving tire.

Outstanding Brakes

This model of all-terrain also has disc brakes, providing a superior braking system compared with most other knee scooters.

Incredible Comfort

The Zuma is the most comfortable knee scooter. You’ll be amazed at the ease of use and comfort it provides to that section of your body that is recovering from injury or illness.

Adjustable Seat with Shocks

The Zuma Outback has the largest wheels you can find for a knee scooter. They are made of polyurethane, making them flat-proof.

The ultra comfortable seat on the Zuma is due to a seat post suspension, which dampens all bumps and cracks in your journey. This seat is beautifully designed by the manufacturer to accommodate a boot pump, making it the only all-terrain model to choose if you have a front-facing pump.

Rent the Zuma Outback Knee Scooter in Salt Lake City, Utah

If you want ideal mobility, superior brakes, and a price you can afford, consider renting the heavy-duty Zuma Outback all-terrain walker here at the Salt Lake City Knee Scooter Store.