Many people who rent knee scooters for their kids worry that they won’t be safe while riding. Indeed, you’ll find many stories about people on knee scooters crashing and even becoming additionally injured while riding. At The Knee Scooter Store, we have the best selection of pediatric mobility scooters, including the new Quad Jr! This all-terrain walker not only has pump-up tires, it has 4 of them.

We’re excited to be the only Utah store offering knee walkers with 4-wheels. And you’d be even harder pressed to find a pediatric model with all-terrain tires. We have outdoor-ready scooters for kids with 4 wheels–AMAZING!

If your child has a campus-style school and needs to be mobile on cement, with cracks and bumps, this is the ideal option to rent for them.

all terrain knee scooters

More coming soon.