When looking for a scooter store in Utah, be sure to check out The Knee Scooter Store in the great mountain-top city of Salt Lake City. We offer the biggest selection of scooters for rental in the state. We have 13 different model options, helping us to find the ideal choice for every customer. Are you unusually tall, short, heavy, or worried about your general balance? We’ll find what works for you.

Many Utahns think they will be better off buying a knee scooter. But then they buy the cheapest knee scooter from Walmart and find it’s an uncomfortable experience. You’re much better off renting the better model. You want an optimally mobile knee scooter, for the time you want it, and then GET RID OF IT! Who wants to be tripping over a knee scooter in their garage for years to come.

Interior of The Knee Scooter Store in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Utah Weather Requires Real All-Terrain Tires

Many cheap scooters have small plastic wheels and can be a problem when you’re facing snow or rough terrain. We offer all-terrain knee scooters rentals with real pump-up rubber wheels and tread and tie rods for the great stability. Only rent the plastic-wheeled inexpensive knee scooters if you know you’re going to be using it exclusively indoors.

Rental of Knee Scooters by the Month in our Utah Store

The Knee Scooter Store is a store within a store, at High Country E Bikes, in West Valley City, Utah.

Many customers come to see us at The Knee Scooter Store with the expectation they’ll only need their scooter for a week or two. They’re still thinking crutches are going to be a feasible option for getting around. Then they have a difficult time staying off their injured leg and they don’t heal as quickly as they wish. This is why we rent knee scooters out by the month.

We offer the ideal prices when renting for at least a full month. If you want to rent for a week or two, we can offer you weekly rates. But trust us. Keep it for the realistic amount of time you need the scooter. Take the time to heal. Get better. And move onto your recovery.

Be Stable, Safe, and Mobile

Renting a knee scooter gives you the mobility you want, providing you the support your leg needs while allowing you time to rest and heal properly

Whether you’re recovering for a couple of weeks or a few months, we believe renting a high-quality knee scooter here in Salt Lake City, Utah provides you the ideal value for your money.

All-Terrain Knee Scooters

At The Knee Scooter Store, we have a large selection of all-terrain models. These provide the most stable tires, with extra tread, and tie rods for greater stability over bumps and cracks.

Cheap Knee Scooters

We recognize many of our customers are looking for the cheapest option. We get it. We’re all on a budget. If you’re willing to only use your scooter indoors, you can find a smaller, less expensive option to rent.

Compact Folding Knee Scooters

Many of our Salt Lake City, Utah customers are in need of space-saving model options. All knee scooters fold up. but we have a compact folding model. It can handle a wide range of riders, adjustable for lots of weights and heights.

Knee Scooters for Children

The Knee Scooter Store also offers high-quality scooters for kids and small adults.

We Are Also a Bike Shop

The Knee Scooter Store is associated with High Country E Bikes, LLC, the best electric bicycle shop in the state of Utah. This is a huge advantage to our customers looking for a scooter store in Utah. The knee scooter you rent will have been assembled and maintained by expert bike mechanics. You’re going to have a much more comfortable and safe experience with the rental of our knee scooters, rather than accepting an inferior product from a medical supply store. Visit us at The Knee Scooter Store today.

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