We love recommending all-terrain knee scooters to our many Utah customers here at The Knee Scooter Store. Some worry about the single rear wheel on the Blue All Terrain model. Renting that particular scooter does require that you have decent balance. If you’re concerned about your stability, we have people try out the Blue Hybrid Knee Scooter. It has slightly smaller rubber tires on the front. And the tread isn’t as thick as other all-terrains. But it has two plastic tires in the rear, which can provide some extra support for some users.

The hybrid is enormously versatile for the customers it can service. It has a weight restriction of 300-lbs. and can handle a rider with a height of 5″ foot to 6′ 6.”

Essential Tie Rod on Blue Hybrid

The Hybrid All-Terrain has small plastic wheels for light-weight and stability. Rent at The Knee Scooter Store in Utah.

Like most great all-terrain knee scooters, the Blue Hybrid has a tie rod. This feature is a secure metal attachment between the two front wheels. The tie rod in providing stability while riding on a knee scooter.

While you ride on a typical pavement, you’re going to encounter occasional bumps and cracks. These cause the wheels to turn sharply to the right or left, which can cause you to crash. All-terrain knee scooters with the tie rod solve this problem. When one wheel feels the push and pull of irregularities in the surface of the ground, the tie rod keeps it on track.

Smaller Basket

The Blue Hybrid All-Terrain Knee Scooter in Salt Lake City.

The hybrid knee scooter does have a basket, but it’s more compact than many of the other all-terrain models. So you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of this feature. If you need a larger basket, you’ll likely want the Blue All-Terrain.

Adjustable Seat

All-terrain wheels on the Blue Hybrid.

Like most of the knee scooters for rent here at the Salt Lake City Knee Scooter Store, the Blue Hybrid has an adjustable seat. This is why this model has such a big spread of heights that it can service.

Rent this Hybrid All Terrain Knee Scooter TODAY!

This is one of the best knee scooters in existence. It’s all-terrain features, combined with it’s more compact size it makes it the perfect choice for many in need of support during their recovery from surgery or injury. Come see us today.