If you’re concerned about safety and comfort while recovering from surgery or injury on your foot or ankle, you’re going to want the Kneerover Pro All Terrain, manufactured with an Aluminum frame. This knee walker comes with a shock absorber, making it the ultimate full-suspension scooter experience.

All-Terrain Pro with a sleek aluminum frame, suspension, and outdoor-friendly tires.

Experience the ideal performance with All Terrain Pro knee scooter, one of the most advanced knee walkers at The Knee Scooter Store in Utah for customers want to remain active throughout their recovery.

All-Terrain Features like a Tie-Rod and Pump-up Tires

These steerable knee walkers offer an advanced tie-rod steering mechanism, found on most of our all-terrain knee scooters, and an adjustable locking handbrake.

The All-Terrain Pro features 12″ diameter off-road pneumatic tires. KneeRover designed this model of knee walker to effortlessly and comfortably cross grass, sidewalks with cracks, gravel, and dirt.

Stabilizer Wheel Optional Add-on

Shock Absorber on the KneeRover Pro All-Terrain Knee Walker with an aluminum frame and shock absorber

This model also includes the new stabilizer wheel that can be added by one our expert mechanics to the rear tire. This model, like the Blue All-Terrain, comes with one pump-up tire in the rear, making it challenging for some customers to remain stable. If you’re concerned about achieving maximum stability and control but want the shock-absorber advantages of this All-Terrain Pro, you can choose to add the stabilizer wheel.

Shock Absorber

This model of knee walker comes with a revolutionary new design, featuring integrated-shock-technology for maximum comfort while riding outside.

These indoor/outdoor all-terrain scooters are an excellent alternative to crutches.


Tie-rods and pump-up all-terrain tires.

The All-Terrain Pro is portable thanks to an easy-release lever that makes it simple to fold this model of knee scooter up and transport in your car.

Weight Capacity

The manufacturer has designed the All-Terrain Pro to service customers up to 350-lbs.

Rent the KneeRover Pro All-Terrain Knee Walker in Aluminum with Shock Absorber in Utah

Whether you are at home, at work, on the trail, or on the town, this medical scooter will keep you on the move, safely navigating everyday life with ease, while adding a little fun along the way.