Meet the best knee scooter for rent if you’re concerned about the cost. Many of our Salt Lake City customers want a knee scooter that they’ll only need for use around the home or at the office. The Roscoe Delux is one of the least expensive and most compact options, with comfortable features.

Great Scooter if You Have a Pump on the Front

The Roscoe Delux provides the ideal choice for renters of scooters if they have a pump on the front of the boot. Many doctors recommend these types of boots, and they can be a problem with most knee scooters. The pump hits you right where you lay your leg on the seat of the scooter. The Roscoe Delux has a two-section-seat, with a split in the middle. The manufacturer has designed this seat’s divided section to fit your boot pump perfectly.

Roscoe Delux Features

The Delux model of medical knee scooter by Roscoe is rated for 350-lbs and can accommodate users with heights from 4’11” to 6′ 6.”

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars

A quick-release lever makes adjusting the seat to fit the height of your knee. With a wide range of height as significant as this model is, you’re going to be grateful for the adjustable features like these.

Folding Option

The Roscoe can fold the handlebars down like most knee scooters. With its compact frame, this knee scooter can quickly fold into smaller compartments, for easy transport.

If you’re looking for the most compact foldable model, CLICK HERE to see the best folding knee scooter.

Large Basket Offered

The small-sized Roscoe Delux has one of the largest baskets available on a knee scooter. Many Utahn who rent this and use it at the office will find this a must-have feature. It providing optimum convenience if for storing:

  • books
  • a computer
  • a tablet
  • a phone
  • a pad of paper
  • a purse
  • anything you may need to carry around the office or home

Brakes on the Roscoe Delux

Many low-cost knee scooters have cheaply-made-brakes. The Basic Knee Scooter by Roscoe is the cheapest option, but its brakes can be dangerous if you’re not extremely careful.

The Roscoe Delux is an affordable option with a brake system that activates both wheels. It’s a making a much more secure model.

Rental for the Economy-Model: Roscoe Delux Knee Scooter

Our clients love this knee scooter. Call us and order an affordable scooter in Salt Lake City, Utah today.