At The Knee Scooter Store in Salt Lake City, all of the scooters for rent have a folding function. But there is one scooter that folds in two places, making it the most compact option for consumers. It’s a sporty bright green, small, and a wide variety of sizes of users that it can service.

Find a foldable knee scooter that fits your needs for affordable rental.

The folding model of knee scooter for rent in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Folding Knee Scooter with Plastic Wheels

This model of knee scooter is a popular option for patients going on a road trip or the airplane. If you have limited space in your trunk, consider this option.

Although small, the folding knee scooter at The Knee Scooter Store in Utah serves a wide variety of sizes of adults.

Although this foldable knee scooter is smaller than many of the scooters on the market, it’s designed to handle taller or heavier users if you have that need.

The bright green appearance of this folding knee scooter offers a sporty and highly visible option.

Safety on the Foldable Knee Scooter

The folding knee scooter offers two rear plastic wheels for optimal stability on this compact model.

It has two small plastic wheels at the front, making this scooter not appropriate for all-terrain use. The folding knee scooter works best inside an office or at home.

If you’re traveling to a place like Disneyland, or an amusement park where you’ll be visiting a lot outdoors, consider renting the Hybrid Knee Scooter. This versatile model is more compact but gives you the all-terrain options.

Because of the limited mobility, this folding model of medical knee scooter has two wheels in the rear for greater stability.

Folds in Two Areas

Most knee scooters fold up at the handlebars. This feature is a convenient function when you’re about to place them in the car. But this folding knee scooter folds at two locations. With its small frame, you’ll love how compact it is.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars

The adjustable seat on the foldable scooter will help you find a perfect height for your knee. If you’re exceptionally tall, you’ll want to adjust the handlebars. Each adjustment and fold in the frame is accessible with quick-release, making for simple changes in settings.

Hybrid Foldable All-Terrain Knee Scooters

This manufacturer also features a folding scooter with all-terrain wheels on the front. These pneumatic-tires are more safe and comfortable.

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