When you need a knee scooter, you NEED one. Don’t even consider using crutches–so 20th century. It’s a new millennium for heaven’s sake. When you acquire a kneeling scooter you’re faced with a question: Should you buy one or use a rental service like offered at The Knee Scooter Store in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Many consumers want to go cheap when buying a knee scooter. They may buy one online at Amazon or Walmart. But an inexpensive knee scooter isn’t always the smartest option when you know you’ll be using it outdoors a lot. A lot of customers tell us that cheap knee scooters with plastic wheels feel like they’re riding on a glorified roller skate. Consider the need for an all-terrain model.

All-Terrain Knee Scooter Rental

At the Utah Knee Scooter Store, we sell many all-terrain scooters, explicitly designed for the type of rough weather we see in this area. Whether it’s snow or rain, you regularly walk on a large campus, or you live on a dirt road, you’re likely going to prefer these outdoor-friendly options.

Tie Rod

All-terrain knee scooters have a tie rod in between their front wheels, offering greater stability and safety.

All-terrain knee scooters have a tie rod. When you’re riding with plastic wheels, every pump and crack causes the wheels to roll about uncontrollably. You must hold onto the handle carefully while riding over rough ground.

All-Terrain Tires

All-terrain scooters usually have pneumatic pump-up tires, except the Zuma Outback which uses polyurethane-filled to prevent flats. If you’re concerned about getting a flat, we can add Flat Attack, a unique substance that prevents flat tires on both bicycles and knee scooters.

All Terrain Knee Scooters Are More Expensive than Indoor Models

Knee Scooters with outdoor-riding features are obviously going to be more expensive to buy. Rather than spending a lot of your household income purchasing the higher-quality product, rental can keep the cost down, while allowing you access to the better knee scooter. Renting a high-performance model can even be cheaper than buying a cheap scooter.

Rental on Cheap Knee Scooters and Folding Models with Plastic Wheels

Roscoe Basic Knee Scooter. CLICK HERE to see.

Admittedly, not everyone needs the higher-quality scooters. Some want more compact models for roaming around the office or getting around the house. Some want super-compact folding knee scooters for more comfortable travel. Even in those circumstances your probably better off renting rather than buying. You’ll be able to rent a knee scooter starting at $50/mo with a specialized doctor discount.

Most people use scooters for 3-6 weeks, depending on their injury. It’s going to cost you a lot less money through rental the scooter. Rent it for the time you need and then get rid of it.

Do You Want to Buy a Scooter and then Sell It?

Some people figure that they’ll save money by buying the scooter and then selling it used. This strategy may save you a few bucks when all is said and done. But then you have the hassle of having a project on your to-do-list while you’re trying to store and sell the scooter that you don’t need anymore.

9-times-out-of-10 customers choose to rent the knee scooter they need for the time they need to recover. You’ll appreciate the fact that you can return it when they’re finished with it.

Rent a Scooter today at The Knee Scooter Store and recover properly from your injury or surgery. You’ll be glad you did.