Many want to find a knee scooter on the cheap. Nothing exemplifies affordable and convenient shopping more than Walmart. There are two reasons why you should NOT consider buying a knee scooter from this big box retailer.

  1. You can only buy the scooter from Walmart; you can’t rent.
  2. Walmart only has basic low-quality scooters for purchase.

Find a Knee Scooter to Recover from an Injury or Surgery

Rather than spending money on a cheap knee scooter, you’ll get more value renting a higher-quality model from Salt Lake City’s premier scooter store.

Get a scooter with a tie rod, to produce more mobility. Find a scooter with blow-up tires to get you over different types of terrain, one that provides a more comfortable riding experience.

Why Renting a Knee Scooter is Better than Buying

When you are approaching surgery on your leg, or you’re facing a long recovery because of an injury, you are going to find an alternative transportation option. Your doctor will recommend that you keep your weight off your leg, ankle, or foot for as long as possible. Renting the right scooter at the least possible price is always the smartest decision.

Many Utah customers prefer all-terrain knee scooters, built for outdoor use. Even if you’re looking for an inexpensive compact knee scooter designed for inside-use, you’re likely to spend less money renting.


Own a Cheap Walmart Knee Scooter Forever

You may think that buying a cheap scooter at Walmart makes sense. But consider this–Do you want this scooter hanging out in your garage for months after you need it?

Consider Selling The Scooter that You’ve Purchased?

You can try to sell your purchased knee scooter after you’ve recovered. But if you’re like me, you try to keep tasks off your to-do-list. Do you want to worry about selling your knee scooter online?

Rent a High-Quality Knee Scooter Instead of Buying a Cheap One

Your doctor is going to recommend that you get a safe, comfortable, and maneuverable┬áknee scooter for the time that you need it. It’s worth spending a few extra dollars to rent a knee scooter that does the job, rather than spending some of your well-earned money buying a cheap scooter from Walmart.