Wondering what the cost of rental on a medical knee scooter might be? It depends on where you rent from and whether your doctor can help you get a discounted price. The Knee Scooter Store works with many Utah orthopedic specialists who often prescribe knee scooters.

With a typical scooter rental, you’re looking at spending anywhere between $95 to $235 full price. Because we offer doctor discounts, our customers can pay between $50 and $150, depending on the model of knee scooter they choose. You’re just not going to find prices like that at your typical medical supply store.

Looking for a rental price that doesn’t break the bank? Consider this indoor-only option, the Roscoe Delux Knee Scooter in Utah.

And don’t buy a knee scooter that you’re going to have to turn around and sell again once you’re finished with it. It’s a waste of money. Rental will save you money and hassle.


Variety at The Knee Scooter Store

Why such variability in price, you may ask? At The Knee Scooter Store in Salt Lake City, Utah, we offer the most extensive selection of scooters in the state. Whether you’re looking for something small and compact for traveling, or you need something simple for getting around the office, or you’re planning on taking it outside in a wide array of conditions–We have the right model of scooter that for you.

Find the Cheapest Knee Scooter

If you’re willing to only use your knee scooter indoors, you can qualify for our cheapest scooters to rent.

Can You Use Insurance to Rent a Knee Scooter?

All-terrain knee scooters are slightly more expensive than indoor-models, but they’re perfect if you know you’ll be riding extensively outdoors.

Some insurance companies do reimburse you for renting a scooter. We don’t work with insurance companies. If we did, we’d have to increase our prices to pay for the overhead. We only rent directly to consumers, but we recommend that you contact your insurance company to see if they’ll reimburse you.

Visit us in Salt Lake City

Visit us at The Knee Scooter Store. We service the entire Salt Lake City area and often see visitors throughout the state looking for the perfect knee scooter rental option. We’ll find the best price for you for the ideal knee scooter option.