Many people find it challenging to find a store where they can rent a knee walker (or scooter) here in Salt Lake City, Utah. You may be surprised to discover that the only stores that rent knee walkers are medical supply stores, and their selection is insufficient. You’ll find a couple of small, cheap, indoor knee scooters. But you’re not going to see all-terrain, kids, or compact folding walkers.

The Knee Scooter Store in West Jordan, Utah offers the Salt Lake City area the best supplier of knee walkers. We believe that rental is much better than buying a scooter. You shouldn’t have to buy a scooter from Walmart or on Amazon when you want a higher-performance model.

Most of our clients use their walker for 4 to 6 weeks. It just doesn’t make sense to buy a scooter for that short of a time.

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Medical Supply Stores

When you rent knee walkers at medical supply stores, you’ll understand why customers love working with a store that specializes in these products. These stores only have a couple of inexpensive options, and they don’t maintain them or clean them thoroughly.

Their staff does not have the skillset to support all-terrain models, which require more specialized expertise. Our store is connected to a bicycle shop. We know how to install, maintain, and service knee scooters with pneumatic tires and tie rods.

Rent an All-Terrain Scooter for Outdoor Use

Not all people fighting an injury or recovering from surgery can limit their movement to indoors. Even transporting through a parking lot can be a real danger on an indoor scooter. So many customers choose all-terrain walkers for this exact reason. They’re perfect for all sorts of outdoor and indoor use.

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Pediatric Knee Walkers

Parents with kids struggling with an injury are going to be amazed at how hard it is to rent knee scooters for kids. It can seem like your only option is to buy a cheap scooter from Walmart. Don’t worry. You can rent both indoor and all-terrain knee scooters for people shorter than 5′ 4″ at The Knee Scooter Store.

RENT a Kids Knee Scooter

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Rent at the Knee Scooter Store Today

We keep a large selection of knee scooter walkers in stock at our Salt Lake City, Utah store. Visit us today and find the right scooter for the short time that you need.

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